‘WIN’ the Chance to Co-Host D.I.Wireless

June 15, 2013 | By

DIWireless50_cohostTo celebrate D.I.Wireless’ 50th Podcast and our new episode format, we are giving the chance for listeners to co-host the show. You pick the topics, you pick the music, you run the show.

All you have to do is tag a picture of your favourite LOCAL band on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tell us why they rule, then tag @diwireless. Could be a pic of them live, their album cover, a promo shot, whatever.

The competition is open to anyone. Bands, writers, punters, ANYONE. D.I.Wireless is based in Brisbane but we encourage people from Melbourne and Sydney to enter as the show is likely to be there sometime during the year. Or we could phone in a co-host from anywhere around the country.

Terms and conditions are non-existant. Let’s see how this rolls…

D.I.Wireless Twitter (@diwireless)
D.I.Wireless Instagram (@diwireless)
D.I.Wireless Facebook (/diwireless)

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