The ‘Budbath Down Under’ Encore

December 17, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

So while we wait for Epiosde 19, why not relive the encore from the final night of the ‘Budbath Down Under’ Tour 2010.

All four songs from the encore are posted at the D.I.Wireless Vimeo site including:

Jane – Performed by ‘Hot Loved Souls’   HERE
Wayfarer – Performed by ‘Bouncing Water Music’   HERE
True Believers – Performed by ‘The Budbath’   HERE

And below is Trusty Chords performed by ‘The Budbath’. Watch out for the ol’ switcheroo. Thank you, gentlemen, for the most unbelievable shows. Episode 19 up soon.

The ‘Budbath Down Under’ Encore – Trusty Chords from D.I.Wireless on Vimeo.

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