See You In Spring…

November 1, 2011 | By | 1 Comment

Well Fest 10 is a wrap. Words seriously can’t describe this weekend, not here anyway. But more than that the people we have met and the things experienced on the FEST OR BUST TOUR will stay with us forever. That sounds a bit wanky…but true.

Can’t thank enough all the bands and people that took part in interviews, gave us a place to sleep or fed us. Please do yourself a favor and check out their music – their are links in each of the FEST OR BUST posts. We saw all of them play this weekend and it was seriously good stuff.

Things will be a little quiet at D.I.Wireless for a while – below is what I will be doing for the glorious Vancouver Winter. See you in Spring. Hopefully a couple of new episodes in between. Thanks for hanging through FEST OR BUST. It’s been real…

See you in Spring...

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  1. Powelly says:

    I love you man and your big ginger beard! Good on Zac sounds like a dude. Stay well travel save love to Wendy and will skype again soon.

    Peace out bro!

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