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D.I.Wireless feels extremely lucky to announce that Episode 26 of the show will feature an in-depth interview with accomplished Canadian documentary filmaker Susanne Tabata.

I contacted Susanne when I read about her latest film ‘Bloodied But Unbowed‘ which documents the rise (and fall) of the unique punk rock community In Vancouver from 1977 to 1981. It’s our first interview since being based on the west coast of Canada…so why not go back to where it ALL began.

I was lucky enough to have a personal screening of the film just prior to the interview and it really is an awesome piece of work highlighting how social unrest, politics, art and humour gave rise to a unique scene that was revered in the US and (apparently) disintegrated with the growth of ‘hardcore-punk’ and the unfortunate involvement of hard drugs.

It features bands such as D.O.A, The Modernettes, The Young Canadians, The Subhumans and individual appearances from Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Bob Rock (Producer) and Duff McKagan (Guns n Roses).

But I’ll let the following clip do the rest of the talking…

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