PRE TOUR: Whistler B.C – 8,225km to Fest

October 1, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Our first pre-tour travel day had us scheduled to leave D.I.Wireless HQ for the past three months in Whistler, BC and head over the border to Seattle. 8 hours travel broken up by a bus switch in Vanvcouver and a border crossing.

We’d done the drive from Whistler to Van down ‘Sea to Skyway’ a few times already but never get sick of it. The landscape after the border crossing reminded me heaps of the Bruce Highway area on the Sunshine Coast back home. Scummy Coast represent! Sountrack consisted mainly of Jeff Rowe, the excellent Down the Road Compilation and a sneak-peek of some new tracks from Homeward Bound.

It was great to hit the city again when we got to Seattle. A bit of hike out of the always glorious Greyhound bus station to the apartment of Alyshia – an awesome chick who was kind enough to let us sleep on the floor for the night.

Alyshia was cool. A music lover who had lived a bunch of places in the states and went to Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this year caus she really wanted to see Cocksparrer play…right on! Headed out for some wicked Mexican and beers at a local bar in the Capitol Hill area which was pumping on a Thursday night.

By the time we headed home, hung out and chatted some more and did some nerdy audio work it was into the early hours of the morning and we had a 4.30am wale up call. May as well get used to this ‘no sleep’ idea…

Video below features an (exclusive?) song from the soon to be released debut album by Homeward Bound.

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  1. Elysia says:

    Ayyy! Cool site buddy! Crash on my floor anytime.. you both are great. It’s cool to see the updates on here.. I used to go to the Middle East all the time when I lived in Boston! Great place, glad you guys were able to check it out. Have a blast on your trip!!! Cheers

  2. diwireless says:

    Hey Elysia

    Thanks heaps for everything. Keep in touch hopefully we can return the favour one day.


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