PRE-TOUR: Seattle, WA – 7,875km to Fest

October 1, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Today was just one of those days that just passed but in a weird, ultra slow state. A 4.30am wakeup call after only 3 or so hours sleep was hard enough. Add to that two flight delays and an anxious wait on standby and eventually we landed in Boston, hopped the T-Line subway system and ventured to the south of the city, where we met Ruthe and Matt, another awesome couple we have never met that will kindly be letting us crash on their couch.

We hung out, drunk beers and chatted most of the night and as I write this it is 2am and I am feeling it. Turns out Matt is a big Bomb The Music Industry! fan and has worked on video production with Agnostic Front!

A couple of Fest related shows in town tomorrow. Looking forward to hopefully having a chat with some more fine people in ‘Beantown’ as the FEST OR BUST Tour starts in earnest….

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