On the Road Part 1

January 12, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Not OK The Old BarWhat up. Here is the first post from our ‘On the Road’ series with NOT OK.  After joining the boys the first show was at the Old Bar in Melbourne. Pretty sure half of  Melbourne’s New Zealand immigrant population turned up. A great show for the fellas at a cool venue. Thanks to those for turning out. Great party afterwards that kinda lasted the rest of the weekend…

Managed to sit down at the merch table and chat to some really cool and interesting people that will feature in the ‘On the Road’ episodes when I get back.

With a bit of down time in Melbourne before the next shown have been hanging out. Fuck I love Melbourne. What a gnarly place. What I don’t like is the 43 degree heat we experienced yesterday. Not funny…at all.

Check out all the pics here. More soon.

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