Live @ The Weekender – Night 2

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Night 2 of the Poison City Weekender is brought to you from the East Brunswick Club. I’d never been to this venue before last night…but it’s a gnarly pub with a great band room and I’m pretty sure the ‘House Full’ sign was up for this evening.

I’ve gotta say, it really was a standout show tonight. Every band killed it in their own way. But I think special recognition has to go out to the event headliners Leatherface. I was honestly locked on their whole set and while I’m only familiar with some of their catalogue, they just smashed it and so many people had a goofy smile on their faces the whole time. It really was one of those shows…

Others songs loaded are from A Death in the Family, Kill Whitey and Lungs. Head to the D.I.Wireless Vimeo Channel to check out the performances.

Sorry I can’t get to all the sets from last night yet. More will be added in the next few days so check back soon…

Leatherface – Live @ The Weekender 2010 from D.I.Wireless on Vimeo.

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