Introducing ‘The Vid Vault’

June 16, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

vidvaultlogoSo it turns out a lot people spend quite a bit of time watching stuff on Youtube. Go figure. It also just so happens that over the space of a couple of years me and a friend of mine, let’s call him ‘Zad’, collected a fair bit of live footage of bands around the country and even the world. It’s just been collecting dust. So in the interest of adding to the piles shit to Youtube, I put two and two together and here we have…The D.I.Wireless ‘Vid Vault’.

The footage over on this channel doesn’t end up great quality. But gimmie a break I’m learning. The videos posted so far are just the first few. Trust me there is a fair bit more to go and I’ll update the channel as often as I can.

So here is a video to start. Some of Zad’s best ever footage (sorry the interweb doesn’t do it justice) from a show involving a little band called Rise Against.  This band does not play shows like this anymore…

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