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I love lists. Cusack in High Fedelity. Newton on 20 to 1. Love em. So I had the idea a while back that I had to to a “Top 5 Albums of 2009” list on this site before the end of the year.

So head on over to the ‘Discussions’ part of our Facebook page here. I am using this caus I have been wondering what the hell I would write in that section for ages could think of nothing else worthy of  ‘discussing’.

So don’t be a weiner…head over there and let me know what you thought the best of this year was. Honestly, I didn’t listen to enough new music this year and shit like this often leads you to go find something you might not have tried before…

To get the ball rolling here is my “Top 5 Albums of 2009”:

1. Supporting Caste – Propagandhi
2. White Blossoms – The Quickening
3.  Iron Front – Strike Anywhere
4. Rising Waters – The Nation Blue
5. Small Town Stories – A Death in the Family

Honourable mentions: Strung Out, Chuck Ragan, Damn the Empire.

Cast your vote here.

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