FEST OR BUST Tour – Episode 5

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Another FEST 11 update here means…another FEST OR BUST Tour episode!

EPISODE 5 follows the tour on it’s last leg into Gainesville. Through the town of Valdosta, Georgia and into the chaos of two pre-fest nights in Orlando, Florida. It features interview with Ninja Gun, Mikey Erg and Go Rydell as well as snippets from our interviews with Tony Weinbender and PJ Francher from the Fest crew.

Some more amazing people in the most unlikely of places in this episode. Meeting someone like Coody before heading into the madness (I mean it…madness) of pre-fest with the Go Rydell guys in Orlando was something else. I hope this episode can represent how incredible it all was. The stories just keep coming here…

We have one more episode to debut…and it’s the party you have all been waiting for. Follow us through the usual channels to see the final chapter in this story.

Video below fucked? Watch on Youtube HERE.

D.I.Wireless FEST OR BUST Tour – EPISODE 5 from D.I.Wireless on Vimeo.

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