FEST OR BUST Tour Episode 3 Premeire

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The crew at The FEST have launched Episode 3 of he FEST OR BUST Tour along with another announcement of bands and the news that only 850 passes remain available!And what is it with Americans and bowling?

This episode takes us from Baltimore through Washington DC and onwards towards Richmond, Virginia.

Looking back this part of the tour had some real highs and lows after the complete buzz we had leaving Philly. Some lows like a general lack of interactions with any scenes to speak of in Baltimore and unfortunately, the legendary Washington DC. But also some serious highs like everyone, those on camera and those off, who welcomed us in Richmond, Virginia – a place I had wanted to visit for a very, very long time. Great shows, great people and some of the best interviews in the series.

It features interviews with Less Than Jake, Landmines (RIP) and NZ troopers The Outsiders as well as a random interaction with a band called Double Dagger (RIP). As usual, some great Aussie music features on the soundtrack including Hoodlum Shouts, The Quickening and Milestones!

Hope you enjoy Episode 3. Video below fucking up? Youtube version is HERE.

D.I.Wireless FEST OR BUST Tour –
from D.I.Wireless on Vimeo.

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