EPISODE 31 – The Clerks

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Interviews: Record Store Day   Tracks: The Saints, NOFX, Toe to Toe

Here is our Record Store Day (APRIL 21) special episode featuring chats with independent store owners and operators from around Australia and here in Canada.

The episode includes short interviews with Matt Horvath from Stolen Youth/Clarity Records, Ray Ahn from The Hard Ons/Utopia Records, Andy Hayden from A Death in the Family/Poison City Records, Paul Voge from We Set Sail/Kill The Music, Graham Nixon from Resist Records and Ben Frith from Bleeding Horse Express/Neptoon Records.

We hear from the guys about what’s going down in their stores for RSD, why they think independent shops have an important role to play, and they also choose tracks from albums they can distinctly remember visiting a record store to pick up. There are some pretty classic song selections here.

And don’t forget our SNEAK PEAK at previously unheard tracks from RSD release from I Exist and ‘Shuffle and Scrape’: A Tribute to Blueline Medic. 

This episode was a little different and a blast to put together and I really hope you can take the time to give it a listen. Overall, you should never need and excuse to go to an independent record – but if you did – this is the day.

A HUGE thanks to all of the people who took part in this episode and a shout out to the many other great independent record stores around the country fighting the good fight such as Beatdisc, 78 Records, Blackwire, Landspeed plus many more.

To get the episode for you ‘Pod click on the button in the right hand menu – or just play/download below.


Episode 31 Playlist: Revolve: I Exist/RecordResist 7″/Resist — Slap of Reality: Toe to Toe/Slap of Reality 7″/Self Released — Track 2: We Set Sail/Demo/Self Released — You Could Be Mine: Guns n Roses/Use Your Illusion II/Some Major — Poverty of Love: Stolen Youth/Dark Century/Clarity — It’s Our Job…: NOFX/So Long…/Epitaph — Cigarettes: The Hard Ons/Boss Tunage — Erotic Neurotic: The Saints/I’m Stranded/EMI — Angles: A Death in the Family/Shuffle and Scrape/Poison City — Blackened: Metallica/And Justice for All/Elektra — Heavy Loader: Bleeding Horse Express/Going South/Self Released — Dead Leaves…:The White Stripes/White Blood Cells/Sympathy.

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