EPISODE 30 – The Celtic Calling

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Interview: The Ramshackle Army    Tracks: The Currency, Sir Reg, Lexington Fields

Break out the beers, banjos and bowler caps, it’s a celtic rock epiosde of D.I.Wireless – and it’s a cracker.

Episode 30 of D.I.Wireless has us speaking to The Ramshackle Army frontman Gaz who was still frantically preparing for the tour of a lifetime in support of The Dropkick Murphys and Frank Turner for a string of shows in the US around St. Patricks Day.

Still considered a relative newcomer (even by their own admissions) in their hometown of Melbourne, they have done well in a short time and quickly caught the attention of a number of people and been embraced by their peers in the celtic punk community in Australia and even overseas.

Tune in to hear Gaz speak about exactly how the stars aligned for them to be invited on this huge tour, as well as give some really interesting insights into the celtic music communities, how to avoid sounding like a wanker singing a more tradtional Australian style of music, and jamming in plans around their recent release Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions.

Thanks to Gaz for taking the time to chat and of course we wish them the best as they head to the US later this month.

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Episode 30 Playlist: Fire is Burning: The Ramshackle Army/Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions/Self Released — 888: The Currency/The Currency/Haul Away — Tracey Boys Fight The World: Lexington Fields/Old Dirt Road/New Folk– Drink Up Ya Sinners:Sir Reg/Sir Reg/Hopetown — Rue The Day: The Ramshackle Army/Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions/Self Released.

Intro: Lifer: One 80 Down   Photo: Kyle Goon (Goon Photography)

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