EPISODE 29 – The Shuffletown Debut

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Interview: Nope   Tracks: Mid Youth Crisis, Jack Flash, The Dopamines

It’s been over a year since we’ve had the chance to play a solid block of tunes on the show that haven’t been selected by our guests. Too long really and it would be cool to get back to this format more often.

So Episode 29 contains a bunch of tunes I have been listening too lately, most off them from our awesome experiences at Fest 10. There is lots more that we will wait to play until the FEST OR BUST videos are done.

Episode 29 also sees the debut of our new and completely unoriginal segment where we dip into those boxes of CDs under your bed and pluck some older tracks to play. The segment has been dubbed ‘SHUFFLETOWN’ – dedicated to those times your too lazy to pick and album and good ol’ shuffle unearths some beauties. Hope you enjoy this episodes picks…it was fun plucking them to play.

Back with an interview next episode, enjoy this mix in the meantime. Peace.

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Episode 29 Playlist: Public Domain: The Dopamines/Expect the Worse/Paper and Plastick — Mid Youth Crisis: M.Y.C/Live at the Arthouse/Life Time — Watermark: The Weakerthans/Left and Leaving/Anti — Spooky, Scary: Spraynard/Funtitled/Asian Man — Queensbury Rules: Jack Flash/Jack Flash/Self Released — Time Just Keeps…: Iron Chic/Not Like This/Dead Broke — From the Start: One Dollar Short/From the Start/Self Released — AFI: The Prayer Position/Black Sails in the Sunset/Nitro — Eveready: H2O/Thicker than Water/Epitaph — The Eveolution Will be Tele-Visualized: Dead to Me/Moscow Penne Ante/Fat Wreck — New Theatre for the Common Man: Weak Teeth/What a Plague You Are/Flannel Gurl — Campaign…: Bomb the Music Industry!/Vacation/Quote Unquote

Intro: Lifer One 80 Down  Photo: Tantrum Imagery

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