D.I.Wireless at The Weekender

August 30, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

weekenderflyerYep, D.I.Wireless will be back out there next month, this time heading to Melbourne for the Poison City Weekender. With the support of Poison City Records, who are putting on the event, I’ll be conducting some interviews with bands for special episodes, as well as taking some footage of performances over the weekend.

Lasting 3 nights and involving almost 20 performances from bands across Australia, I reckon The Weekender has the potential to carve out a place as a unique live event in this country. Only in it’s second year, it’s already become a staple in the calendar for some punters in Melbourne and indeed right around Oz. Hopefully will be able to bring a bit of the atmosphere and experiences to those who couldn’t make it, and hey, why not the world…

This year The Weekender will run September 17-19 and feature Leatherface (UK), A Death in the Family, Break Even and shitloads more. Go here for all the info.

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