DAY 8 to 9: Asbury Park, NJ – still 2,418km to Fest

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So after a night in the bar at the Lanes we get home and realise that our van pickup  is not as close as I had thought. It was in Branchburg – a one hour drive from where we are but since we got no wheels yet, a 3.5 HOUR train and taxi ride almost heading all the way back to NYC in the process. Shit happens. FirstWorldProblems.

The yet un-named

The reason for the Clark Griswold pimp RV? We got a sweet deal cause we are relocating it to Florida for the company. The only way we could afford (and be insured) in a van.

After van pickup we organised a meet-up in Morristown about a half hour down the road with Mike and John from Timeshares, a band with members spread across a few areas of downstate NY. Awesome dudes and the short interview was cool. They flicked me a copy of their new album ‘Bearable’ for the drive back to Asbury. I really enjoyed it and hope to get it on our jukebox soon and catch them at Fest.

John and Mike from Timeshares.

The next day was a visit to Bryan from The Bouncing Souls. A souvenir FEST OR BUST tattoo and we hung out back in his neighbourhood for a quick interview and got THIS CLOSE to going and doing some ol’ style ‘Merican gun shooting. I’m serious. Happy Bday Bryan.

Thanks Bryan.

Then back to the lanes for an Old Man Markley show caus camera-person really wanted to see them play. It was a cool show and I hope they can get their tour van fixed.

Fest or Bust

The Lanes are awesome by the way. Everything left in (sorta) pristine 1970’s condition…the bar, the furniture, the scoring on paper. And the stage is just set-up in the middle of the lanes…and you just bowl during set changes! Fuck yes.

Thanks Asbury. Here comes Philly.

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