DAY 7: Asbury Park, NJ – 2,418km to Fest

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Filming part of the Shepard Fairey murals...

Fuck yeah I love this little part of Jersey.

We are wholed up at a friends house ‘Little Eden’ – home to Chunksaah Records and Pete from the Bouncing Souls recording studio. I vividly remember throwing up here 7 years ago.

The boardwalk...

The Asbury boardwalk is just a couple blocks away. Spent most of the day hanging down there…just staring at the casino ruins, the paramount theatre and the ocean…all the places romanticised in so many books, films and songs. So much rock’n’roll history in the area, considering how small it is, obviously a lot of it centering around The Boss.

The area has been considered pretty dodgy in terms of mainstream tourist attention for a long time now – but you can see money being injected in a lot of places. Hope it doesn’t take over.

The 'Mt Rush-core' mural. Name them...GO!

Shepard Fairey was in town the week before for a ceremony to unveil a heap murals he has done down on the boardwalk. Like most of his stuff it looks awesome – including the mural dubbed ‘Mount Rush-core’ featuring 6 of the most prominent punk rock front men ever. So cool to see.

And in our little world their is the Asbury Lanes and we are heading there tonight just to hang caus the bands playing aren’t of interest. But who cares I might get to bowl instead…

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