DAY 3 to 6: New York City – 2,510km to Fest

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It’s been pretty rad to be back here in NYC. This part of the trip was always planned to be some timeout to check out the city rather – do the goofy tourist stuff – rather than try and do interviews for FEST OR BUST.

Not that we didn’t try to get a hold of a few bands in the area heading to Fest. Almost all of them are outside Manhattan though. So just not a heap of options and those we did get in touch with had pretty busy schedules. No biggie.

All good though managed to jam a bunch into 3 and a bit days. Got to see the Occupy Wall Street sit-in first hand which was cool. I haven’t seen much news but hopefully it is gaining some realistic momentum and isn’t just a token slogan-fest.

Out front of Dick Manitobas bar....

Especially loved being back down in the Lower East Side…bars, pizza, cool stores and just a fucking rad place to be. Kinda felt like some money and trend had definately moved in since I was last here in ’04 though…

Had my first encounter with some real ‘America Food’ I guess. A place called The Big Gay Ice Cream Bar sold something called a ‘Crankowich’ or something like that…chocolate ice cream wedged between two cookies with a bacon-marmalade sauce. I went and drank $2 beers at the Double Down instead.

Where CBGBs used to be... a fashion store.

Weird seeing CBGBs turned into this uber cool boutique rock fashion store. Even weirder they preserved some of the walls I guess in an effort to pay hommage. Just didn’t feel right to me.

But we are outta here soon and headed for the Jersey shore for the boardwalk and religious cults…

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