DAY 25 to 26: Orlando, FL – 111km to Fest

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So what’s in Orlando besides theme parks and punk rock shows. Anyone?

Another morning starts in a empty carpark. This time woken by security telling us to get the fuck out…but in a very polite Floridian way.

It’s weird I haven’t thought too much about Fest for me personally until about halfway through this trip, even after talking to everyone else about it. I still don’t know what the schedule is. Had just dedicated so much time to trying to make FEST OR BUST work. But that changed after crossing the border and the long drive down to Orlando. I thought about it a lot.

Also realised we are about to embark on 3 nights straight of Pre-fest shows before heading straight into 3 days of Fest. Beautiful and tragic…but that is what we are fucking here for and turns out everyone round here is in the same boat.

The Slow Death @ Uncle Lou's, Orlando. Fucking great fun.

First show of our Orlando visit was in a tiny bar called Uncle Lou’s. Chatted to Jeff from local band Go Rydell and Eavesdroppers who were playing the show with the Fest-bound tour of Arms Aloft and The Slow Death. I mean it when I say all bands were excellent.

Jeff woke me up to exactly how crazy things start getting in Florida cities around Fest-time when he said the street we were on had about 4 venues within a few blocks, ALL hosting shows for basically the next 4 nights straight…then some after. It’s seriously fucking Christmas around here.

Mikey Erg does solo stuff now and it's cool...

Turns out The Slow Death features Patty from Dillinger Four and Mikey Erg from who else, but the Ergs. Mikey also played a solo set. Bigtime singsongs and people were loving it. Chatted to him on camera (great dude, great songs) and then hung out while Patty insisted on buying shots across the road…so we drank on… Apparently I am the worst human being ever and no-one in Australia wants D4 to tour. I call bullshit on both.

The next night is a ‘see a shitload of awesome bands now so we don’t have to worry about them at Fest’ show at Wills pub, just a few meters down the street from last night. The show features The Menzingers, The Flatliners and Broadway Calls. UK band Leagues Apart were a surprise packet and we now have their entire discography to enjoy. What a fucken rad show.

Menzingers @ Wills Pub

For FEST OR BUST we chat to Chris and Jeff from local Orlando outfit Go Rydell. More champions. They put on a great show (go Lifetime covers) and had plenty to say about how they are proud to be involved with hopefully building a bit of momentum for not just their band but the Orlando scene in general. Plenty of Fest tips as well. Chris thinks me and camera person are ‘cute’. Great dudes.

Jeff and Chis. Thanks fellas.

Other than an amazing show we were also on the hunt for a lift to Fest the next day as our beloved van ‘Ellen’ was leaving us (we miss her). So since I am not the outgoing type at all I took a punt on wearing a sign around my neck instead – saying we needed a ride. If people wanted to offer it to us…great. If not fuck it. We were close on hooking up a couple of rides but couldn’t quite get the schedule right then I get a tap on the shoulder at the merch table and an offer for a ride. The conversation kinda goes like this.

Dude: Yeah, I have to head up tomorrow and I am driving by myself so you are more than welcome to come.
Me: Awesome, thanks so much man. When were you thinking on going?
Dude: Well I have to head up about noon caus my band is playing up there tomorrow.
Me: Cool, which band?
Dude: Off With Their Heads.
Me: (Silence)
Converstation continues a little longer…
Dude: Yeah, I’ll be around most of the weekend caus I am playing in another band as well.
Me: Cool, who’s that with?
Dude: Dear Landlord
Me: Holy shit.

It worked...

Those that know me know these are two bands I have come across in the past few years that I have REALLY enjoyed. So we line things up with our new mate Zac (thanks soooo much, man). We’re here….

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