DAY 22 to 23: Atlanta, GA – 828km to Fest

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It was always a little up in the air whether we took the long road through Atlanta or the easy road through South Carolina. So stoked we headed west though.

Although the city was a bit of a ghostown when we headed in after another night with Ellen in a quiet street in East Atlanata. We just figured they were all the ‘Homecoming’ football game for Georgia State. What the fuck is homecoming anyway?

Occupy Atlanta - the funkiest me.

But all was right when we headed into a tiny but cool venue just near where we had the van called 529. Now we had been a bit unlucky crossing paths with a few tours but this time we managed to catch Cobra Skulls and Nothington do a fucking great job. The local acts – who’s names escape me other than Bad Mammals  – were on it.

Nothington@529 in Atlanta. I sang.

We ‘officially’ chatted to Jay from Nothington and unofficially to Ryan and the Cobra Skulls fellas. Great sets too. People went pretty nuts including me. Jay is actually from Atlanta originally and played in front of his parents and in the city for the first time in 5 years. I would have thought lots of bands would hit ATL after what I saw at the show.

Then we went all TMZ when Andre 3000 just rolled up to check out the last set of the night. Talking to a local dude, apparently it’s not uncommon for Andre to just rock up to local bars (at 2am) to catch whatever is on. Pretty fucking rad. Met him a little later – nice guy. Should have talked more about Semi-Pro”.

Our TMZ jon on Andre 3000. Jay was stoked.

Next stop was a catchup with Witt, Steve and Dianna of Atlanta band The Wild. They took us in, had some awesome vegan hotdogs, we chatted on camera and off. Witt’s Springsteen worship even outweighs mine – we are talking tattoo’s and front row clothing exchanges.

Steve, Witt and Dianna from The Wild. Thanks!

These guys have achieved heaps in the short 3 years they have been together and I can’t wait to give their latest realease a spin on the 4 hour drive tomorrow. Thanks so much guys.

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