DAY 20: Wilmington, NC – 1,497km to Fest

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Woke with no idea where the fuck we were exactly…but a beach somewhere near Wilmington.

So apparently this town is really popular as a filming location cause, as it was described to me, “it could be made to look like heaps of other places in America”. Fair enough. Beaches, bars and a river called Cape Fear (sweet). Great town.

Where the fuck are we? Seriously.

We were in town to meet up with Kelly and Charlie, a couple that managed the bar and booked shows at a local venue called the Soapbox Lounge. This place hosts a lot of the punk rock tours that roll through town. The venue is 2 floors and fucking huge…and gnarly. It’s even doubles as a laundromat. Get it? Soapbox? Bands get to do laundry!

Charlie has been in punk bands in town for years and booked shows along the way. Kelly started booking the Soapbox about 2 years ago. There really is a sense of pride in what they are bringing in to the town and they show a load of support for the punk rock and general community.

Kelly and Charlie. Legends.

Chalk up another two amazing people who took us in and showed us around including one of the best burrito places I have ever been too. These guys thought they had missed out on Fest tickets all together so thought ‘fuck it – we’ll try book our own’. Few months later and they have one of the largest pre-fest shows booked over two days on two stages called Southbound and Down. Featuring None More Black, Dead to Me and shitloads more. Then they got Fest tickets…even better.

The Soapbox in full swing.

It’s fucking awesome how the connectivity of the music scene can still be felt down into this area of the coast. From the bands we had associated with on the road and even the local bartenders that came up in conversations with Strike Anywhere back in Boston. So fucking rad.

So we hung out, ate, drank, watched a show. Captain Morgan isn’t too bad after all. Thanks so much guys.

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