DAY 2: Boston to NYC

October 3, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Travel day. We chatted some more with our awesome Boston hosts about the city before bailing – namely how the Whalberg family (inluding Donny and Mark) lived in the area near them and the whole family was complete trash. Apparently Marky Mark blinded a Vietnamese guy with a baseball bat before he became ‘Marky Mark’. Now the family is just rich trash. Look at me talking shit on celebrities. Apparently Kevin Bacon was in town shooting too. Would have paid for a pic with that dude…’Let’s daaaaaance!’

There is a bus that runs from Boston Chinatown to NYC Chinatown for only $15. On it.

Wifi on a bus. Website-tour-diary-series producer is stoked.

Up to our hostel. I got some work to do chasing down some interviews with bands round here. Most are in Long Island or outside in Rochester or Syracuse. Figure not many people involved with Fest can afford to be in Manhattan.  No shit accomodation is fucken expensive. We’ll see what happens.


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