DAY 19: Durham, NC – 1,765km to Fest

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Two and a half hours from Richmond to Durham. A great farewell to Richmond last night down at The Cellar Door, a small pub/restaurant in the middle of Monument Ave and a bunch of overpriced college student apartments (apparently).

The Outsiders cranking it out in Richmond.

Great to see The Outsiders fellas again. Can’t believe they are on a 9 WEEK tour. Seriously nuts. They are with Freddy Fuddpucker though…so that makes sense. They looked a little tired but still rocked out and chatting to them they still sounded like they had the motivation to enjoy every chance to play on this looooong tour. Fest will no doubt will give them a boost…or kill them.

Hanging with 3/4 of Red Collar. Thanks guys.

Today I really got that familiar feeling of when I have rolled into smaller towns on previous tours and you have no idea where to go or what to look at. So you just look for food then the pub. We scoped some indie stores but the weather is pretty shit and not real conclusive to checking stuff out.

Durham was an unscheduled stop. I had got i touch with the Jon from local band Red Collar at the last minute but they were happy to hang and shoot a quick interview. Just another group of awesome people happy to take us in and feed us and shoot the shit. It was interesting to hear their perspectives on the challenges of being a band in the area. From an outsiders perspective is kind of like a ‘hole’ between the well known scenes you associate with Virginia and Florida as you head down the coast. But they are motivated and had a cool attitude to it all and I really enjoyed listening to their record and can’t wait to see them do their thing at Fest. Check them out.

Scotty Deathtofalsehope. I recommend the 'Scotty Style Whisky'.

After the interview Jay and Beth took us down to the local bar that hosts heaps of the shows that roll through the area. They also introduced me to THE local punk rock promoter and Death to False Hope Record label operator Scotty. Which then turned into a night getting drunk and chatting to him more about the town. Apparently most bands end up late getting in to the next town after a night with Scotty. Good dude.

Obviously it was then a great idea to get even more pissed as we drove two and a half hours through the nigh. A short but wicked stay in Durham. Thanks guys.

Drunk drive. Yep.

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