DAY 15 to 18: Richmond, VA – 1,916km to Fest

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One of our longer drives to date from DC to RVA and our first experiences with traffic on a six lane freeway in the middle of a Saturday for no reason other than congestion. Makes you realise how many more individuals you are dealing with on this continent.

Richmond, like Asbury Park, was one of those places I had always wanted to visit. I think that comes naturally when one of your favourite bands of all time draws such loyal ties with where they are from. The images, the people and the culture. Scuffletown, Hollywood Cemetery, Monroe Park…I’ve been able to put my eyes on so much I had heard about in lyrics over the years.

Turns out our first night we get word almost straight away that Less Than Jake are playing in a parking lot for some Beerfest thing. Camera-person is excited so we figure ‘fuck it’ and head over there. Not so excited it is pretty much full of drunk college kids and doesn’t look like it is going to have the atmosphere of a good show…and it’s 15 bucks. But we loiter a while, wait for some distraction at the gate and BAM! Into the show for free.

Less Than Jake at college-beer-sponsor-fest thing...

So we are right about the college kids thing but there is a splattering of people there for LTJ and the fellas played up to the weirdness of playing such an event and where there usual entertaining selves. We also get a chance to chat to Roger on camera for FEST OR BUST.

We spend the rest of the night partying with the college kids across town in a sushi restaraunt/bar cause we have a connection with the bar staff. Awesome. A very friendly gay couple tried to pick me up and invite me to a lesbian bar. Also awesome. We politely deny and drink to last call…

The rest of our time here is spent taking in all those images I spoke about before. The James, civil war remnants, Belle Isle. This place really is fucking beautiful. Definately get the feel we are heading South when the skies open up and you here more ya’lls.

"It's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day....."

Richmond is definately a college town. But like one of our gracious hosts said to me last night it’s not such a bad thing because it keeps the town fresh and young while it still holds on to all the awesome history and culture of this southern stronghold. Plenty of friendly people down at the Empire Bar and I’m learning more about the connection between college scenes and punk scenes as I travel here as well.

As for the tour, we had been speaking to the very friendly guys from Landmines prior to arriving and headed over to their practice space last night. This will be their 4th Fest so great opportunity to get an insight into both RVA punk rock and GNV. That insight was blurred slightly when we decided to do the interview after smokes and drinks. The edit on this one should be pretty funny. I also heard one of worst ‘where were you on sept 11’ stories from their drummer Pat.

Landmines. We probably shouldn't have been drinking...

Awesome guys and we continued to drink, shoot the shit and distract them from actually practising. Look forward to seeing them down south.

So we have stayed a little longer here partly because it rules and partly because we are hoping to catch up with our NZ bretheren The Outsiders as their massive US tour hits town tonight.

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