DAY 13 to 14: Washington, DC – 2,154km to Fest

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Im am seriously struggling to try and keep my eyes open as I write this – so pardon any ramblings, typos or nonsense in general. 3am and plenty of liquid persuasion. This is is what I signed up for at the moment. A night of shows and drinking but posts to do. Poor baby More FirstWorldProblems.

It was ony a short drive from Baltimore to DC. The more I travel this North East Coast the more I realise, if you could line it up correctly, how close the shows are from day to day. How good things must of been for bands in the laye 90’s/early 00’s heydays. Fuck…the people in Philly were telling me you could do two shows at each end of town if you wanted too…

Awesome...the Dischord House.

Unfortunately, there was definitely a hole in this part of the trip – due in part to my shoddy organising, due in other parts to a lack in interest. Which is a shame because DC obviously has such an esteemed history in hardcore punk in particular. Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty…the list goes on. And all in a place where politics rule.

So no shows I could identify easily…no interviews to record. We drank with the college kids instead.

The Blackcat music venue. Helmet played. I didn't go.

But still heaps of shit to see. More goofy tourist stuff but I hope to reflect more on the DC part of the trip when my brain is fully functional. Sorry.

Oh yeah the other 'house'. Bill Pulman lives there...

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