DAY 12: Baltimore, MD – 2,199km to Fest

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Today was a bit of a weird one. The weather had turned pretty fucked up just as we left Philly for the 1.5 hour drive into Baltimore, skipping past Delaware (BOYSETSFIRE!)

So we roll into town with no hookups for a place to hang, no interviews planned, and no idea where the fuck to go. We end up in a neighbourhood that I guess was pretty sketchy. Now this tour has definitely opened up my eyes to exactly how ‘australian-white-suburban’ I am which is good – but when we parked in a vacant lot in between abandoned smashed out apartments and a supermarket with a cop station in it and there is some serious hussling going on at the metro – we new it wasn’t fucking Mount Gravatt.

Occupy Baltimore. I'm serious. Bet Anti-Flag doesn't play this one...

It was still pissing down and just when we thought it was all a lost cause and contemplated trying to just bunker down we decided to jump the subway instead and headed downtown. A flick through some street-press and…music to the rescue again. We read about a long-running local Baltimore band Double Dagger playing their second last home show at an artspace not too far from the van. We’re there.

Inside Charm City Artspace.

And turns out the show was fucking awesome. Such a cool little venue that has apparently been supporting bands and all ages events for ever. Double Dagger put on a seriously intense show and the place pretty much went nuts. Can’t wait to share some footage.

Double Dagger going apeshit. Great show.

We chatted to the boys after to get some perspectives on Baltimore then they advised us to get the van out of the area for the night.

Night saved. Bring on Washington DC.

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