DAY 10 to 11: Philadelphia – 2,356km to Fest

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Writing this from the front porch of a house in West Philadelphia. Been on the lookout for the Fresh Prince but no luck. Apparently he got fries last month from a place we stopped at today.

Things just keep getting better on this tour. One and a half hours from Jersey into Philly.
We have been hanging and crashing with the awesome people from One Win Choice. I had been in touch with the band to do an interview for FEST OR BUST and since we arrived they have been so hospitable. A place to park the van (now named Ellen), amazing vegan meal, beers to the early hours and a short tour of some of the city.

Dan and Justin from One Win Choice with the famous Fest bunny head.

Can’t thank them enough. They are out on the road prior to travelling to play Fest. Hopefully if you are reading this you can check them out.

We also dropped in on Nick from the band The Great Explainer and hit another Philly rooftop to chat to Jon and Ben from Restorations. All great dudes and I loved hearing about how things go down in Philly, and of course their Fest experiences. Thanks so much to them.

Jon and Ben from Restorations. Thanks!

I wish I could have captured all the stories the above guys have told over the last few days. I had already noticed the amount of bands from this area playing Fest seemed more than usual, and after hearing about how things happen here I know why. It’s a hotbed. Feel like you could spend time documenting just the Philly scene itself. Sounds like so much is happening, VERY supportive, tolerant people – particularly of those bands that tour here. And obviously some great music too. There is also this weird cross- migration pattern with bands and band members between here and New Jersey which I think seems to only strengthen resolve and the talent pool.

Philly! America! Liberty! Maybe?

Another fucking rad city. I am completely bummed I didn’t get to experience any shows while I was here – particularly a house show. But the tour rolls on….and on….and on…

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