Day 1: Boston, MA – 2,879km to Fest

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Middle East - Boston. Rad venue. No Iranians?

Two shows to go too today. Turns out both were at the Middle East – a long time venue in Cambridge that seems to have most of the international bands go through. I just automatically said ‘international’ bands then when most of them are actually just interstate over here. Anyway the venue had a couple of awesome bars and was on a street loaded with pubs and cool restaurants.

Jeff Rowe. Good guy. Good pipes.

The afternoon show featured local band the Swaggerin’ Growlers doing a record release – and Jeff Rowe who will be appearing at Fest 10. Jeff grew up in a nearby small fishing town and was a solid guy who tried to help us out as much as he could. He took the time out for an interview and his set was great. Apparently he only started taking his solo stuff seriously when one of his old bandmates (Boxing Water I think – most of them in Landmines now maybe) handed a German promoter a crappy bedroom demo…and the guy called him a few days later saying he wanted to release records of his music. Crazy…but just goes to show. Fuck he has a good set of pipes…seriously. And some good songs to boot. Bouncing Souls cover to finish.

The Old Edisons. Rad.

It was weird being at a matinee show. It was all ages so a chance for the kids to go – but to be honest it would of been lucky if there was 2 people there under 21. Most others were just using it as an excuse to get nice and ‘day-drunk’. One of the most entertaining parts of the afternoon was the Old Edisons, a band with just acoustic guitars and a fiddle who played on the floor amongst the crowd in between sets. These gruff, melodic sing-along originals as well as some covers that included The Boss, Tim Barry and traditional Boston songs. Awesome stuff. It’d be cool to see that done at home. One of the fellas flicked me an album so I’ll try and get a song on the site somewhere.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging at the bar trying to get into the night show featuring No Trigger, The Copyrights, A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere. With such a huge line-up we just assumed it would be in the bigger room downstairs but it was in the same 200 capacity space the afternoon show was. Sold out then…obviously. We chatted to Garth and Matt from the Strikes who were heaps friendly about it but said the door list was also overflowing because NT and AWS were basically locals. So we just hung at the bar and chatted to people including meeting Neil from the band Weak Teeth who are also playing Fest.

Aussie vs Boston impersonations battle

Eventually the door guys was sick of us asking if we could get in and we got to catch the end of the AWS set and the start of the Strikes. Place was going nuts for AWS – practically a local show for them. We also got to chat to Nuno from AWS on camera. The guy was so friendly and a complete crack-up. He interviewed me for the last part of the chat and we traded Boston v Aussie accent impersonations. I kicked his arse.

Another 3am crash. Rock on.

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