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I had an amazing time producing D.I.Wireless Podcast. But my focus has turned to combining the storytelling aspect of interviews with another love of mine – video production.

At the time of it’s inception, there was no other podcast in Australia in the punk/hardcore genre. But that, of course, has changed now and I encourage you to check out other shows such as Oblivious Maximus, All My Friends are in Bar Bands and Team Glasses.

I am very proud to have got D.I.Wireless Podcast off the ground, met some amazing people and done some great (and not so great) interviews. I learnt so much and hope to return to the interview process one day.

As I said, I have placed a larger focus on my video production work under D.I.Wireless Films / Third Option Productions. This includes the documentary ‘The Other Option’ (www.otheroptionfilm.com) that was released in December 2015. You can view my continuing video production work here.

I have decided to leave the D.I.Wireless Podcast website active for now, so feel free to browse around and have a read/listen to some interviews with wonderful guests that I am very proud to highlight as part of my time as producer and host.



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