D.I.Wireless Celebrates 50 Episodes!

June 15, 2013 | By

DIWireless50CollageHere is the new an improved website to celebrate our 50th Episode! The revamp includes a new, more ‘conversational’ style show in addition to the usual in-depth feature interviews. The new shows will have different co-hosts from the music community chewing the fat about a bunch of topics and starts off with Jud Campbell of The Disables on board to talk Warped Tour, punk rock and sport, as well as revealing what The Disables have up their sleeves.

In conjunction with the 50th episode we are also running a small competition where you can ‘win’ the chance to co-host the show. Other new features include guest columns from various artists and associates starting with an article from The Smith Street Bands Wil Wagner entitled Three Songs, Two Pots, Better World.

Over the past four years D.I.Wireless has conducted close to 100 interviews across six different countries. The site has also produced major video projects for The Fest in the US and the Poison City Weekender in Australia with a couple of short film clips thrown in for good measure. Other major projects are currently in the works.

This podcast has now well and truly established itself as the longest running online radio show of it’s kind dedicated to punk and hardcore music in Australia. Considering most ideas of this nature never get past the barroom table – and others do but quickly fade – celebrating our 50th episode is a pretty cool little victory.

Apart from the occasional piece of greatly appreciated assistance from wonderful friends, bands, labels, managers and PR groups, the entire D.I.Wireless production, from the website design to the interviews to the audio and video production remain the outcome of a single persons ridiculous love for this music and way of life.

Thanks for listening.


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