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As if this website wasn’t going to do a list. Love ’em. Already listening to a bunch of previously undiscovered music because of ’em. How could that be a bad thing.

As usual when going to write this list it was discovered the majority of music on the speakers at D.I.Wireless headquarters in 2012 was from last year (or way, way back) but here is the favourite releases of the year.

1. Hoodlum ShoutsDIWireless2012BestOf_HoodlumShouts
‘Young Man, Old Man’

It’s been about two years since D.I.Wireless has been on Australian shores but this album took me home every time I listened to it. Was intrigued with the band when we first interviewed them in January and my intrigue has only grown after hearing stories about them and not having the chance to see them live yet. An extremely powerful punk rock record.

2. The MenzingersDIWireless2012BestOf_Menzingers
‘ On The Impossible Past’

Punks old and new just seem to gravitate towards this band – and for good reason. Seriously amazing songs people just want to sing, and an incredibly positive attitude towards paying their dues and having fun while doing it. We predicted a big year for these guys then cursed their canceled Australian tour by interviewing them about it on Episode 37. Oops.

3. SharksDIWireless2012BestOf_Sharks
‘No Gods’

It’s exciting (but creates an huge inferiority complex) when a bunch of guys this young can write songs like this. The band has a collection of rockers here that just get stuck in your head an won’t leave. Their frontman channels the great Joe Strummer without being a ripoff. They toured with everyone this year – can’t wait to hear more from them in 2013.

4. The Bouncing SoulsDIWireless2012BestOf_BouncingSouls
‘ Comet’

What do you do when your favourite band (and some of your favourite people of all time) releases a record? Are you supposed to put it in automatically? Thing is this record stands on it’s own. A great mix of throwbacks to their old records and new Souls sing-a-longs, but after each listen it was the songs you discover have slightly new approach for the band that slowly grow on you and end up standing out. Still the best.

5. The Smith Street BandDIWireless2012BestOf_SmithStreetBand
‘ Sunshine and Technology’

Pfft. As if this album wasn’t great and another huge step for the band. Yeah, yeah – everyone is raving bout them but they seriously crushed everything in their path this year and I for one couldn’t be more stoked for an Australian band coming from our little community to be doing so well. This album really takes off about midway through. Congrats TSSB.

Ceremony ‘Zoo’ — USA’s answer to Eddy Current Suppression Ring. So good live as well.
Hot Water Music ‘Exister’ — Was one of the most played the on my ‘Pod. Nuff said.
Red Collar ‘Welcome Home’ — A grower and just a solid record. Great songs.
OFF! ‘S/T’ — Up the bald punx that still show us all how it’s done.
Army of Champions — ‘Animal vs Man’ – Hope this band hits the road hard in 2013.
Luther ‘Let’s Get You…’ — Is it punk rock? Who fucking cares it’s good.
Japandroids ‘Celebration Rock’ — See above.
Jamie Hay ‘King of The Sun’ — Gets better with time just like the dude.
Not OK ‘The Long Way Home’ — Sounds huge and has my fav song of the year.
The Gaslight Anthem ‘Handwritten’ — Haters gonna hate. As if it isn’t good record.

Thanks to everyone for listening, helping or taking part in the show in 2012. See ya next year for a biggin.

PS – The Bronx will win next year. Give up now everyone else.

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