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Looking back, this really has been an awesome year. I love these lists and have read a bunch of them already. I even submitted some of my thoughts for the masses here.
But here is a bit more on how I look back on stuff:


  1. Noone Gets Lost Anymore : The Smith Street Band – It’s just a great album. Nuff said. Check out an interview in Episode 28.
  2. If Only Just to Hold : Army of Champions – Yes, these guys are my brothers. But if this EP was written by a bunch of fuckwits, I’d still have listened to over and over.
  3. Elsie : The Horrible Crowes – Was sceptical after the hype, listened to it very late, now I love it. Walk in the rain to it…trust me. Awwww.
  4. Down The Road Compilation : Antics International – Remember compilations? I do and just like back in the day, I loved this one and discovered a some rad Aussie and Asian bands. There should be more of this.
  5. Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes : Social Distortion – It’s Social D.

Very honourable mentions to: Nothington, Timeshares, One Win Choice, The Copyrights, Bullet Bane, Headaches, Milestones.

I’m still to hear but look forward too: Luca Brasi, Driven Fear, Dead To Me, Restorations, The Outsiders, Spraynard.

When I got asked about these lists I realised the so many of the records I loved this year were actually from 2010. So be sure to check out last years releases from OFF!, Carpenter, Trash Talk, The Dopamines, Garage Fuzz and The Menzingers.


  1. Everything @ Fest 10, Gainesville – I mean it. Fucking everything.
  2. SNFU @ Funky Winterbeans, Vancouver – Had a stoopid smile on my face the whole time.
  3. Tim Barry @ the alley outside Rosies, Brisbane – Pfft. Fire alarms can’t stop this man.
  4. Contrahorden HC Fest II @ Some warehouse in Peru – This shit was crazy. Seriously.
  5. Double Dagger @ Charm City Artspace, Baltimore – You’ll have to watch FEST OR BUST to find out why.

That’s enough. See you next year for more goodness. Thank you so much to all this year’s guests and anyone who has supported us or the show in any way. You know who you are. Peace.

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