Be Aware – Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act (US)

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Not too sure how much of this has filtered through to Australia but obviously it is big news on this continent right now. But because the interweb knows no borders this would have a very big impact back home.

I have always been aware that D.I.Wireless operates as blatant copyright infringement and it’s own form of piracy. But I have always justified it in that all I ever wanted to do is promote the people and music that motivate me in life. Very small peanuts compared to the impact of other more direct infringements…

I have always believed in supporting artists financially so they can continue making great art. I have also come to understand the other side of the coin along the lines of Mr Ian Mckayes ‘100 people hear my songs rather than 100 bucks in my pocket’. I also like the idea of turning the whole fucking thing off.

Either way this Bill in the US is scary not just for musicians but more importantly for freedom of speech that can impact social and political agendas worldwide. You can read about it in the links below.

While Americans have to act, as Aussies we should just be aware. As you always should be anyway…on anything.

Google article
Access Now Human Rights article

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