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DIWireless_ShootShit_NancyVandalAustralian punk rock vets Nancy Vandal are back with a new record Flogging a Dead Pheonix as well as a tour to promote the record, shake off the (self-confessed) cobwebs and get back to doing what they have done best since the early 90’s. We had a fun little catchup with Fox Trotsky of the band as part of our latest ‘Shoot the Shit’ interview.

It’s been a while, but as if these shows aren’t going to be fun as hell.

It’s been a while. Are you ready to rock again?

We are though it had taken a team of rock scientists and engineers over 12 weeks to make the necessary calibrations.

You mentioned that the new album Flogging a Dead Phoenix is like ‘melting pot’ of all the best bits of your sound over the years. What do you think is a good example of this?

Maybe “A Nurofen From My Euro Friend” as it is short, fast, has no deep meaning and borrows shamelessly from Motorhead

To me the album was straight up Nancy Vandal. Anything different when coming to write songs this time or were they ready to go after such a long break?

Only that we don’t live in each other’s pockets anymore so a lot of the to and fro is done using the World Wide Web. so a lot of the writing was done using emoticons which I think shows through in the finished product.

You crowd sourced the record. Traditionally, touring was partly about getting on the road to sell records and merch to cover the costs ofrecording. But with crowd funding many of your fans have already got their shirts and records and you got the money upfront. Did you guys ever consider this at all? Does it mean there is even more of a focus on just playing than ‘covering costs’ now?

Yeah that is a good point. Most of the serious NV tragics already have their stuff. We are still hopefully a large percentage of NV fans are technologically incompetent or homeless and will view the gig as their first chance to purchase some quality NV wares.

Give us the hot tip…what Nancy Vandal shenanigans can we expect on stage this tour. Bake offs? Twerking contests?

Something along these lines. Whatever takes the focus away from out appearance and ability.

Apart from some shows with Frenzal in 2009, you have basically had 10 years away from the punk scene in Australia. What did you notice changing after sitting back an observing for this long?

Bands appear to be younger and better looking. It’s disgusting.

You are also scheduled to be on the mammoth Soundwave tour this summer. Were you aware that AJ Maddah (Soundwave Boss) was a fan from back in the day, before he built his empire?

Yeah I know AJ from back in the day and knew he was a NV fan. I had no idea he liked us so much he’d consider putting us in the sound wave bill but it was a pretty cool surprise.

As veterans, are there any young and up and coming punk bands that catch your ear?

My fave new punk band is Off! And they have dudes older than us so I don’t know if that answers the question properly!

Part of the time away from music is because band members had families. Who is the best punk rock parent?

Were all pretty good I reckon. No one has named their kids stupid names which is a good start. I know one of my key parenting focus areas is ensuring my kids talk about ACDC and Kiss to their school friends – something I’m justifiably proud of.

Nancy Vandal are currently on tour and have just released Flogging a Dead Phoenix.

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