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Name: Shane Collins
Shoot: Headaches
Scheduled Performance: Saturday 26 January

The Shit:
As part of our AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND AT THE REVERENCE special we are featuring a couple of the great bands that are playing. We talk about what the event is important to represent (or what it is important not to represent), get a few hints on surprises in store for the weekend, and find out what’s up with the band lately. First up Brisbane’s loveable larakins Headaches and their frontman Shane Collins.

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As someone who is part of this particular music community and this event, what do you think Australia Day should be about?

I love the idea of having a benefit show on Australia Day with the proceeds going to the Refugee Council. I like being a part of it, and we’d play every year if we were asked. It’s a refreshing change to what Australia Day has become for most people. I think the Triple J Hottest 100 has a lot to answer for. Have you ever been to or seen a front yard Australia Day blow up pool party in full effect? All those flags and bad ‘Aussie Swazi’ tattoos, it’s gross. It’s what i imagine going to the Big Day Out is like. I also think Sam Kekovich can fuck off. Am I supposed to feel less Australian because I don’t want to eat lamb chops today? I will have a sausage though, if anyone’s got one. 

Is it hard to balance the acceptable idea of being with your mates and perhaps enjoying a drink or two and all the bullshit that tends to go along with that each January 26? 

I personally don’t go in for the “Aussie Pride/Southern Cross/fuck off we’re full” attitude you tend to see spread on real thick around this time of year. I’m sure if you asked one of these mouth-breathing, flag-tied-to-their-back assholes “What are you actually proud of?” you’d have a good laugh at the response. I do like having a beer with friends though, don’t get me wrong! I just try not to be a fuckhead and walk around with some false sense of pride in a few stars I saw printed on a pair of thongs I bought in Bali. Yeah cool, you were born here. We get it. “Who was our 1st Prime Minister?”

What can people expect from your set at the Australia Day show? Do you know any Slim Dusty or John Williamson covers?

I wish!! Nothing that awesome unfortunately, but we do have a few Aussie treats for everyone. Last year we played ‘Dragon – Rain’, and it went down well. Technically they’re from NZ but the song was written while they were living here, so….

Who are you excited to see play during the weekend and why? 

Outright!, Anchors, Collapse, Darren Gibson…everyone really. It’s a great line up full of good friends. There’s about 6 bands from Brisbane too, so we will have our own little ‘invasion day’ celebration going on at the bar. There is talk of a band called TNNL CNTS playing at some stage on the Saturday night. Apparently they have a little set list of pub rock classics they are going to murder. It could be the best Australia Day ever.

Have you been to/played The Reverence Hotel yet? What’s it like? Are the $3 tacos really that good?

Being from Brisbane we’ve missed out on a lot of the awesome shows the Reverence has had since opening. I was at the Poison City Weekender Sunday show, and loved the place. It’s the ideal punk rock venue! Great band rooms, great bars, great staff, and it’s filled with great people (and I’m told great food too)! I’m so glad Mel and Matt and everyone involved have a new place to call home. I’m also glad they let everyone into their new home every week and provide the perfect place for us all to congregate. Total legends.

Who is likely to be the most overplayed band this Australia Day? Most underplayed? 

Probably Cold Chisel – or Midnight Oil. They’re the big two. Among my friends we thrash Cold Chisel, and more importantly Ian Moss every time we go to a pub, not just on Australia Day. A nice cold beer and a bit of Tuckers Daughter…. that’s a good little Saturday!

Time for some band stuff. How on earth did you end up on a split with Millhouse?

We had been talking to Craigos at Midnight Funeral about putting something out with him, and we all thought a split was a good start. Milhouse had already released ‘Everything’s Coming Up’ and ‘Thrillhouse’ on MF, and they were about to record a few new songs they had, so it made sense to do it with them. We were very happy everything worked out so well. The records should be here late February too, how exciting!

The cover art for the Milhouse split is awesome. Concept and design was by…?

Dave Drayton (Milhouse) and I were sexting each other ideas of what it should look like, and I had the idea of a big dog with an old boombox strapped to his back, and that we should call it the ‘subwoofer’ split. For some reason he said yes, so I sent that idea to Stevie Scott, who is a bullshit good artist and an even better guy. He tweaked the concept and did a few sketches, and now it’s a St. Bernard wearing ‘Beats’ by Dre headphones. It’s still called the ‘Subwoofer’ split, because for some reason I find that funny.

You guys have been a little quiet lately. Plans for more shows in 2013?

We’re supposed to be a non touring band, that was the whole idea for starting Headaches. Play shows when our friends come to town, and have a good time at home. It is fun to get out of Brisbane though, so we’ve been trying to go away at least once a year. When the Milhouse split comes out we should be doing a few release shows with them, around March/April. We’re also writing songs for our own 7inch on Midnight Funeral, so it’s looking like a pretty busy year. I’m kinda glad the world didn’t end, we havn’t played Tassie yet!