Preview: The NZ Chronicles

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Back from tour and despite battling illness, the stoopid temperatures, and all the other elements part and parcel of touring – am still in one piece. Had an awesome time and the pleasure of sharing the van with new friends in Dole Day Rage and 5th Threat. Great dudes, great bands. Check them out.

So here is a bit of a trailer for a video diary type thing I intend to put together about the tour. Nothing too epic, just showing what we did, where we did it and how we did it. The feature will be up as soon as I get the chance to stick it all together. Check back for the final version soon…

And remember the Horace Pinker Australian Tour featuring Not OK in support starts this Friday in Melbourne and 5th Threat followed us back across the ditch for the show. Go here for all the info.

D.I.Wireless – The NZ Chronicles (Trailer) from D.I.Wireless on Vimeo.

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