PREVIEW: Episode 35

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While visiting Seattle I guess there is a number of interesting bands I could have tried to track down for Episode 35. The Spits, The Melvins and Champion all hail from this area. Hey, if he had finalised his move, maybe I could have caught up with Dustin Kensrue and asked why God hates Thrice.

But instead I tracked down non-other than Diesel Boy frontman Dave Lake (aka Diesel Dave). The band were a successful part of the Fat Wreck/Honest Dons roster from 1996 – 2003, released 4 albums and toured the world. In an article I read a while back I remember Dave commenting how he was totally comfortable with a more ‘normal’ life rather than keep slugging it out in the van.

Considering this band was a part of what Fat Mike describes as the ‘best period for Fat Wreck Chords’ and we so often talk to people on the show who can’t imagine themselves wanting to do anything else other write songs and tour, the article had stuck with me and I always thought it would be great to hear more about it. Plus, I loved this band.

A really, really interesting chat with Diesel Dave – coming soon on D.I.Wireless.

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