PREVIEW: Episode 34

June 9, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Episode 34 of D.I.Wireless will feature an interview with Vancouver’s own world beaters Living With Lions.

When people ask what the scene is like in our new home of Vancouver, the best I can describe it is ‘cool but weird’. I struggle to define it accurately in any short, specific terms. And if there is one band you would say has really ‘broken out’ of this cool but weird environment in the last few years, it’s LWL.

Last year was a crazy year for the band. They lost their lead singer during, and bassist just after, recording their album Holy Shit. The album then created a bit of a ‘shitstorm’ when the artwork pissed off the Canadian Government. They decided to stick with art and return the arts grant money that was used to release it – putting them in immediate debt. All the while they still toured pretty solidly, including jaunts overseas, impressing plenty of people along the way.

They are literally packing their bags and about to hit the infamous Warped Tour circuit, so what better time to reflect on that and everything else that has gone down recently.

Check back soon to hear the show.

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