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June 22, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

mattarmyofchampionsThanks heaps to those who listened to the first episode. Flying in the face of common sense and logic, the highly anticipated next episode of D.I.Wireless is not too far away.

Joining me for Episode 2 will be my good bud Matt from Brisbane outfit Army of Champions. Make sure you listen in to hear us have a chat and kick out some great tunes.

So stay tuned! Or is that stay clicked…

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  1. trouble says:

    is it too late to request some sick song for episode 2?
    here’s my thoughts- lady gaga, poker face
    black eyed peas, boom boom boom
    florider, you spin me round
    or anything from katie perry

  2. diwireless says:

    sorry avid listener…it is too late and I am too busy puking in urinals to read such requests. but thanks for listening.

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