Guest Column – Cam Stanley

July 11, 2013 | By

DIWireless_Guest_CamStanleySome of the best advice for bands. In the next instalment of the new ‘Guest Columns’ here at D.I.Wireless, we have an article from our former podcast headquarters in Vancouver, Canada from writer Cam Stanley

Cam was introduced to D.I.Wireless at show at the Media Club in downtown Vancouver in 2012. Being passionate about the music he loved and having poured a lot of time and energy into writing for Zines like Take It Back and Regretful there was an immediate connection. He is a really thoughtful guy and it is a pleasure to feature his writing on the site.

In the first of his columns he talks about the interesting issue of what he has observed as being some of the crucial elements to building success as a punk band – whatever that may be. Thing is he has never even been in a band. Is his opinion irrelevant? Or spot on?

Read What It Takes To Make It: By someone who has never played in a band.

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