Episodes/Playlists 2011

Interviews: The Smith Street Band


Episode 28 Playlist: Rooftops: The Smith Street Band/Noone Gets Lost Anymore/Poison City — Queen of Hearts: Fucked Up/David Comes to Life/Matador — Eggs: Milhouse/Everythings Coming Up/Self Released — Resilient Bastard: RVIVR/Dirty Water/Rumbletowne — When I was a Boy…: The Smith Street Band/Noone Gets Lost Anymore/Poison City.

Episode 27 – The Chippy’s Rock

Interviews: Carpenter


Episode 27 Playlist: Long Hard Day: Carpenter/Sea To Sky/Goldstock — Can I Say: Dag Nasty/Can I Say/Dischord — Mother: Danzig/Self Titled/Def American — Mean Things: Carpenter/Sea to Sky/Goldstock.

Episode 26 – The VanCity Story

Interviews: Susanne Tabata


Episode 26 Playlist: Barbara: The Modernettes/Teen City/Quintessence — Fuck You: The Subhumans/Quintessence — Hawaii: The Young Canadians/Hawaii/Quintessence — Disco Sucks: DOA/Disco Sucks/Sudden Death.

Episode 25 – The South American Sojourn (PART 2)

Interviews: Carbona/Trascender


Episode 25(2) Playlist: Um Caro Escroto: Carbona/Apuros em Cingapura/OutraColsa/Toca Discos — Straight Outa the Bailey Show: Carbona/Straight Outa the Bailey Show/Thirteen — Reconstruir: Trascender/Reconstructuir/Self Released — Trascender: Trascender/Hoy Las Cosas Seran Distintas/Self Released.

Episode 25 – The South American Sojourn (PART 1)

Interviews: Garage Fuzz/Bullet Bane


Episode 25(1) Playlist:  Embedded Needs: Garage Fuzz/Relax in Your Favourite Chair/Ideal — Old Red Low Top: Garage Fuzz/Definately Alive/Ideal — Man Down: Bullet Bane/Take Off the Halter EP/Self Released — Gas Chamber: Bullet Bane/Take Off the Halter EP/Self Released.

Episode 24 – The Meaning

Interview: Greg Bower (Arrest Records Australia)


Episode 24 Playlist: Beautiful: Persist/The Untold Story/Arrest — Courage Over Fear: Word for Word/Courage Over Fear/Arrest — New Exiles: Vanity/Hitting Home/Arrest — Drive Fast, Eat Cheese: Army of Champions/If Only…/Arrest.

Episode 23 – The Young Ones

Interview: Milestones


Episode 23 Playlist:
Your Misery…: Milestones/Growing Up…/Stay at Home — Stay This Way: Apart From This/Daydream/Takedown — Sinker: Headaches/Headaches/Arrest — When We Were Young: Milestones/Growing Up…/Stay at Home

Episode 22 – The Young Ones

Interview: Acid Snake


Episode 22 Playlist: Hunted: Acid Snake/Pariah/Self Released — Die Interviewer: The Chariot/Everything is Alive/Solid State — CCEC: Seven Sisters of Sleep/Seven Sisters of Sleep/A389 — Amnesty: Acid Snake/Pariah/Self Released.

Episode 21 – The Man Upstairs

Interview: Paul Voge (Kill the Music)


Episode 21 Playlist: Waiting Room: Fugazi/7 Songs/Dischord — Northbound Breakdown: Lifetime/Self Titled/Decaydance — For Once in Your Life: The Jealous Sound/Kill Them with Kindness/Better Looking.

Episode 20 – The Blood, Sweat and Beers (Part 2)

Interview: No Trigger/Defiance, Ohio


Episode 20(2) PlaylistBust Tropical: No Trigger/Canyoneer/Nitro — Commonwealth: No Trigger/Be Honest/Mightier than the Sword — Oh, Suqueannah!: Defiance, Ohio/The Great Depression/No Idea — The White Shore: Defiance, Ohio/Midwestern Minutes/No Idea.

Episode 20 – The Blood, Sweat and Beers (Part 1)

Interview: Unpaid Debt/Grenadiers/Old Music for Old People


Episode 20(1) Playlist: Windsor Beaver: Blister/Revenge of Tommy Lobster/Rapido — Dangers: I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed/Messy Isn’t It/Vitriol — A Song the Devil Taught Me: Grenadiers/Songs the Devil Taught Us/Casadeldisco — No One Listens: Grenadiers/Songs the Devil Taught Us/Casadeldisco — Stiches: Unpaid Debt/Southern Cross Bones/Shrine — Drinking with My Stereo: Unpaid Debt/Southern Cross Bones/Shrine.