Episode 8 – The Blase Bastards

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quickening1Interview: The Quickening – Tracks: Third Gear Burnouts, Marathon, Raised by Wolves.

Episode 8 is here featuring an interview with The Quickening. These guys have been banging out great tunes and awesome shows off and on for the last 12 odd years – no mean feat considering all the bullshit that tends to get in the way of bands staying together this long.

It was really interesting to hear about their approach to what they do and in my opinion, it only makes them even more intriguing as a band and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. Not to mention the playlist this episode is probably the most diverse we’ve ever had thanks to the fellas’ requests.

Thanks to Matt and Chris for sweating it out for the interview. Check this band out, they rule.


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Episode 8 Playlist: Noumenon and Phenomenon: Scar Symmetry/Dark Matter Dimensions/Nuclear Blast — Cheap Shot, Youth Anthem: Kid Dynamite/Shorter, Faster, Louder/Jade Tree — Providence: Marathon/Demo/Self Released — Rosewood: Third Gear Burnouts/Dirt Roads/Fibro — Hammer of Thor: Tyr/Ragnarok/Napalm –Volatile: Raised by Wolves/Equality/Shock — The Blase Are Kicking Arse: The Quickening/White Blossoms/Self Released.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes/Epitaph

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