Episode 7 – The Horse’s Mouth

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gifthorseInterview: The Gifthorse – Tracks: Sydney City Trash, The Lawrence Arms, Death is Not Glamorous

If it seems like Shane, vocalist with Brisbane boys The Gifthorse, has been around in bands for ages…well…he sorta has. But not in a bad ‘this guy should give it up’ kinda way. Quite the opposite. These guys have been killing it over the last couple of years. So check out the episode to hear Shane pick some fav tracks as well as discuss his previous life as a reality TV star and all other things going on with the band, including a big tour early next year.

Thanks heaps to Shane and thanks heaps for checking out the episode.

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Episode 7 Playlist: Free and Tied: Gunmoll/Board of Rejection/No Idea — The Slowest Drink: The Lawrence Arms/ Buttsweat and Beers/Fat Wreck — I Don’t Wanna Go to Chelsea: Elvis Costello/This Year’s Model/Columbia — Favourite Thing: The Replacements/Let it Be/Twin Tone — Think You Can: Death is Not Glamorous/Wide Eyes/Dead and Gone — Awake and Waiting: The Gifthorse/Phoenix Foundation Split/Poison City.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long.../Epitaph

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