Episode 6 – The Numb Ones

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backyardsurgeons1Interview: Backyard Surgeons – Tracks: Damn the Empire, Strike Anywehere, Joe Strummer, Suicidal Tendancies.

Episode 6 is in the bag. So pull it back out to hear an interview with Melbourne lads Backyard Surgeons. Between weekend tours and a solid local scene these fellas keep themselves pretty busy. They also have a cool EP out at the moment – hit them up for it here. So check out the episode to hear what they have to say about touring, things to do in church, and some dude called Neil Hamburger.

Thanks heaps boys, have a listen.


Episode 6 Playlist: First Song: Faux Defeated/This is Hell/Pee — I’m Your Opposite Number: Strike Anywhere/Iron Front/Bridge Nine — Blackwatership Down: Damn the Empire/With Trends Like These — We’re Only Gonna Die: Bad Religion/How Could Hell Be Any Worse/Epitaph — If You Say So: Nothington/Roads, Bridges and Ruins/BYO — Burnin’ Streets: Joe Strummer and the Mescelaros/Streetcore/Hellcat — Possessed to Skate: Suicidal Tendencies/Join the Army/Caroline — Oh Shit: The Buzzcocks/Another Music in a Different Kitchen/IRS — Constructive Summer: The Hold Steady/Stay Positive/Vagrant — Totally Numb: Backyard Surgeons/Totally Numb/Self Released.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes/Epitaph

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