Episode 5 – The Doylestown Boys

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daylight1After a bit of a wait, and a major fuckup on my part, Episode 5 is here featuring an interview with Daylight. Now because of the fuckup that screwed with the first half of episode, things are gonna run a little differently.

Basically the episode plays as 1 episode, but is in 2 parts. The first part is actually just a recap from me of the first half of interview and the songs played. But for those who want to check exactly what was said I have made a full transcript of the first half of the interview available here. The second part of the episode starts around the 30min mark (sit tight the first minute or so after that is rough) and it is as per normal, no transcript needed, and features the second half of a cool interview with John and Taylor. Make sense?

Songs on Episode 5 are from Grim Fandango, Strung Out and Minor Threat as well as personal picks from Daylight including Title Fight and Transit.

A huge thanks to the Daylight boys for hanging out and doing the interview. Make sure you check these guys out (click the pic!) and pick up a copy of their EP when it’s released November 10.


Episode 5 Playlist: Symmetry: Title Fight/The Last Thing You Forget/Run for Cover — Ghetto Heater: Strung Out/Agents of the Underground/Fat Wreck — Visiting Hours are Over: Grim Fandango/Eat Not the Heart/Rabbit/Poison City — Show Your Face: Balance and Composure/Only Boundaries/No Sleep — Minor Threat: Minor Threat/Self Titled/Dischord — Don’t Take Me for Granted: Social Distortion/Sex, Love and Rock and Roll/Time Bomb — Stay Home: Transit/Stay Home/Run for Cover — Points on a Grid: Kill Whitey/Kill Whitey Grim Fandango Split/Rabbit — Myage: The Descendents/Milo Goes to College/SST — Seeing and Hearing: Daylight/Sinking/Get This Right.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long.../Epitaph

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