Episode 4 – The Quickie San

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thenationblue2Just as promised, Episode 4 of D.I Wireless has been smashed out in record time. Hope you managed to catch Episode 3 featuring Not OK. I’m a single rider this episode, which means no-one to blame but myself.

Episode 4 features songs by The Rumjacks, Toe to Toe, American Steel and The Nation Blue (pictured). Some of them may be some of your favourites, some just might get you interested…so check it out. Plenty of new realeases and tours associated with this episode so get hold of the tunes and we’ll see ya out there.

Peace out and thanks for listening.


Episode 4 Playlist: Uprisings Off: The Nation Blue/Rising Waters/Casadeldisco — I Want to Conquer the World: Bad Religion/No Control/Epitaph — Dead and Gone: American Steel/Destroy Their Future/Fat Wreck — This November: Tim Barry/Manchester/Suburban Home — Keep Falling Down: Off with Their Heads/From the Bottom/No Idea — Push Comes to Shove: Toe to Toe/Consolidated/Custom — Paddy Goes to Babylon: The Rumjacks/Hung, Drawn and Portered/Self Released — Fight Till You Die: Pennywise/Full Circle/Epitaph — Safe European Home: The Clash/Give Em Enough Rope/CBS — Teenagers Are All Arseholes: Hi Standard/Making the Road/Fat Wreck.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes/Epitaph.

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