EPISODE 27 – The Chippy’s Rock

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Interview: Carpenter   Tracks: Carpenter, Danzig, Dag Nasty

Our first interview with a band on Canadian soil sees us speak to Dan Sioui, frontman of Vancouver’s Carpenter.

Carpenter are one of the very lucky bands to be invited to play Fest 10, so it is fitting we chat to them having announced our big FEST OR BUST TOUR. We discuss his experiences as a veteran of 3 Fests – including playing last years festival in a deli. That’s right…a deli!

We also cover heaps more ground in the interview including the battle to stay relevant playing their blend or punk rock, his continued dedication to agriculture issues in Canada, as well as the bands current tour of Europe and plans to hit Australia very soon.

A massive thanks to Dan and Carpenter. I strongly recommend the bands current release ‘Sea to Sky‘ for your earholes. Two songs feature in this episode and one is playing on our jukebox. To get the episode for your ‘Pod click on the iTunes button on the right or just play/download below.


Episode 27 Playlist: Long Hard Day: Carpenter/Sea To Sky/Goldstock — Can I Say: Dag Nasty/Can I Say/Dischord — Mother: Danzig/Self Titled/Def American — Mean Things: Carpenter/Sea to Sky/Goldstock.

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