EPISODE 26 – The VanCity Story

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Episode 26 Susanne TabataInterview: Susanne Tabata  Tracks: DOA, Subhumans, Young Canadians

Here is EPISODE 26 of D.I.Wireless featuring an in-depth chat with Susanne Tabata, producer and director of ‘Bloodied But Unbowed‘, a film documenting the birth of the Vancouver punk scene.

It really was great to get to sit down with Susanne – who has film-making credits such as Skate Girl and 49 Degrees – and to speak about this documentary. It was amazing to see her portrayl of how things unfolded in Vancouver during the late 70’s to early 80’s to the point where the city was churning out classic music with some serious fucking attitude, and when bands headed to the US, they captivated and even scared their trailblazing peers in bands like Black Flag, The Circle Jerks and The Dead Kennedys. Just as interesting was how it all imploded in the space of a few years.

Humour, politics, terrorism, drugs…this film has it all. It has screened at various film festivals around Canada and has aired on cable TV and educational networks. With any luck it will continue to grow worldwide. Put some pressure on your local networks or film festivals so you can enjoy it too!

A huge thanks to Susanne for the interview. Click on the iTunes button on the right to get the episode for your ‘Pod – or just play/download below.


Episode 26 Playlist: Barbara: The Modernettes/Teen City/Quintessence — Fuck You: The Subhumans/Quintessence — Hawaii: The Young Canadians/Hawaii/Quintessence — Disco Sucks: DOA/Disco Sucks/Sudden Death.
Photo: Jason Byrne, Vancouver Sun 

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