EPISODE 24 – The Meaning

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Interview: Greg Arrest Records    Tracks: Army of Champions, Vanity, Word for Word

From the other side of the world here is Episode 24 of D.I.Wireless featuring our interview with Greg Bower of Arrest Records.

Pushing 40 and having never featured in any Brisbane punk or hardcore band, you would be forgiven for letting Greg slip away to the suburban dream after experiencing an extremely rough upbringing and having a family in tow.

But instead he started a label just two years ago that is steadily growing, and you can find him just about every night of the weekend helping out at various all ages and club shows around South East Queensland…even putting on his own.

Greg’s perspective of what is going on around him is positive and uplifting. He is in it for the right reasons and while you may have heard some of the things he speaks of before, it doesn’t mean you should pay atttention to the messages he has.

Thanks to Greg (and Aiden!) for the interview. Remember to click on the iTunes button to the right to get this episode and all our others in iTunes – or just play/download below.


Episode 24 Playlist: Beautiful: Persist/The Untold Story/Arrest — Courage Over Fear: Word for Word/Courage Over Fear/Arrest — New Exiles: Vanity/Hitting Home/Arrest — Drive Fast, Eat Cheese: Army of Champions/If Only…/Arrest.

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